1) You must withdraw in the same currency your account was funded in.

2) You must request the total amount of funds that you have in your account.

3) If you have accepted a credit and you want to withdraw you need to trade enough lots before withdrawing any monies.

4) You must not have any opened positions.

5) You must request the withdraw in the same payment method you have deposited, if you have profits you need to do 2 withdraws, one for the net deposits , which should be on the credit card you have deposited, or same bank that wire was made. The other one for the profits will be in a wire transfer. Please note that we can’t send wires transfers that have the amount smaller than 500 USD, this means that if you want to withdraw your profit, you need to have at least a profit of 500 USD or more. There will be a $44.00 USD outgoing wire transfer fee subtracted from the profit withdrawals, or a 4% charge for initial net deposit to credit card (If monies deposited in other currencies other than USD, that charge will be equivalent to $44.00 USD).

6) You need to have full compliance; this means we need you to have all the documents required, in order for your account to be verified.
In order to verify your account we need:
o A) Passport (front and back) / ID (front and back) / Driver's License (front and back).
o B) Electricity bill not older than 6 months (or any other bill with your name, address and a date).
o C) Front and back of the credit card which you made the deposits or the swifts from the wires you made the deposits (if necessary).
o D) Signed copy of the updated Declaration of Deposit.

7) Try to announce to your account manager about the fact that you want to make a withdrawal.